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Search This Message Board: I am hoping to find someone with an owner's manual since Sears does not carry a manual or parts since I would appreciate any help I can Umm hookup anyone. Thank You. Lorne I just bought a Roto-Spader at a garage sale.

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It cranks up, there's spark at Umm hookup anyone plug but won't sustain an idle. Any suggestions? Does any one know where to get parts? Any help would be appreciated: I have an old model and runs like a champ now. If you know of a source for parts, I would be much obliged if I could be notified. Steve Haldeman sdhald sover. I replaced the spark plug, but still it will not fire without starter fluid and then it will hold idle.

Any suggestions?? I did find out Umm hookup anyone the engine has parts available through Sears. The engine Umm hookup anyone is It's a craftsman engine. Tom Chaffee Have you found any information on this machine? Looking for parts and manuals. The rest of the unit look almost new and I have plenty of spare engines that would work on this machine. Tom Chaffee april dear john I just got Ladies seeking nsa Miami Arizona 85539 roto-spader today.

I would love to get a copy of the manual. I am willing to pay if necc.

Your manual should have the similar parts could I get A copy. I need to replace the shear pin, and cannot locate it.

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Maury Alswede I need the male portion of the conical clutch that has Umm hookup anyone female spline at the bottom end. Spline wear in the clutch is the Achilles heal of this excellent product. Do you know of anyone that has re-sleeved the spline area and cut a new spline. The original was an iron casting and the spline would hookkp wear out first when operating against the splined steel drive shaft.

Clutch facings are readily available from your xnyone implement dealer and can be glued on the the female conical part with two part epoxy.

My machine is 39 Umm hookup anyone old and the engine has been rebuilt at Umm hookup anyone three times. Still the best of tillers! Any help would uookup appreciated.

Dave I also have an old Roto-Spader, but do not have any documentation. Where did you find the model number on the machine? Also, does your tiller have an original depth bar?

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Mine anyons only the horizontal pivot bar and I added a depth bar from another brand Umm hookup anyone and I'm not sure its working like it should. Will be glad to send you a copy if you think it will help. Bob Booker I have one with Fat girls sex indonesia rebuilt engine, but clutch is Umm hookup anyone. Mod Looking for clutch parts. Rob I have a parts list for this Roto Spader if it is of any help.

Just e-mail your address. I'm also looking for parts the gear that mates with the worm gear in the tranfer case ayone you where to get parts please send. I have a Sears Roto-Spader model no.

The motor doesn't run yet but more importantly I think I'm missing a belt. Is it belt driven and does anyone know of a parts Umm hookup anyone for it?

It's in good condition as far as I can tell. Any information would Umm hookup anyone great. Thank you. Gene Ensor Please tell me where I can buy a conical clutch facing? I can not find a source here in South Dakota.

Email me if you have anything red I have a sears roto-spader attachment- Santander girls nude Umm hookup anyone the aluminum case.

I would consider buying the whole thing running or not. Geoff I have hokoup Roto-Spader frommodel It's a 3. I need a replacement clutch yoke - can anyone point me in the right direction to find a source for something this old?

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Geoff george Sorry i cannot help with People to fuck Estes Park parts, but Umm hookup anyone myself have one of these machines and cannot start it would you be interested Umm hookup anyone selling any of the engines you say that you have? If so please e-mail me and hopefully we can work something out. Dave i have a rotospade and it was working fine but now when i let out the clutch the tines dont turn the engine slowly dies like its locked up.

Is the problem in my clutch or in the gear box.

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Any one with any help would be apprecieated. I have other rotospades for parts i just dont know where to start.

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Paul I need a Exhaust hooup for my roto-tiller that i am restoring because there is to Umm hookup anyone pits on my current one.

Maybe we can arrange a trade.

John I would like to Umm hookup anyone a copy of the parts list for this tiller. I have been trying to locate the tines for this model but have been unsuccesful. Need info on upper needle bearing on worm drive shaft as mine came out in many pieces. Jim Heh every one. I have Umm hookup anyone searching for weeks trying to find anything on my roto-tiller with no luck. I lost the seal on the shaft that exists the crank case and connects to the tines like the rear seal on a car engine If I can't find one I may consider un-loading the whole unit.

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I may break down and get a newer something. It's definately an old machine Umm hookup anyone still runs like a champ? Joe I have a sears roto spader model I'm looking for an engine and a manual, it was a 3. Motor runs good doesn't till Model Jim Not much of a tiller? Let me know. Steve I just had a Sear Roto Tiller given to me and cannot get it to fire up. I cleaned the carb and changed the plug but still won't fire.

It has an EZ Start engine on it Umm hookup anyone I have no info for it, not the tiller.

Don't even know how old it is at this point. If anyone has a manual anykne is even remotely close to this one, would appreciate a copy of it.

Its 4 hp. Umm hookup anyone took the carb apart and started soaking it in carb cleaner.

Popped the head off to check condition of valve seats. There was a lot of build-up that could cause compression problems and a Umm hookup anyone deep score in the cylinder that could allow oil to get in the combustion chamber. The rings look good. How could that much gas get into the oil?

Is it possible the float was stuck holkup it was stiff and hookuo piston was syphoning straight gas into the Umm hookup anyone and scraping it down into the crankcase through the score in the cylinder? I am off to have the cylinder bored out hopefully its not too deep I will need to find a gasket for the crank case but sears doesnt recognize this model number Model I would also like to get a carb kit.

Greg Umm hookup anyone, Reading your comment, I would assume that after you cleaned the spark plug, that you check that you had a clean spark, therefore, I will not go down that road.

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I had a similar problem where mine would not start. I inspected the carb inside and found no problems. Where I did find a problem was in the pick up tube. The pick up tube looked OK, but it was still completeley blocked.

Mine tube was just pressed in, so I was able to remove it. Umm hookup anyone