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Yoga Nidra

The ancient science of deep relaxation + immediate stress relief.

What if your mind could go from this

to this?

Yoga nidra is the ancient science of deep relaxation.


It has been proven to reduce blood pressure + cortisol levels {the stress hormone you get when you enter fight or flight.}

It releases not just physical tension, but also mental and emotional tension — whether or not you consciously know it’s there, whether or not you understand how it’s working.

And all you have to do is lie on the ground and listen.


You awake from yoga nidra feeling like you’ve just had hours of quality sleep.


In the state of yoga nidra, which western science called the hypnogogic state, you learn to enter the space between sleep and dreaming at will, without losing awareness.

You are not asleep, but if you measure your brain waves, it would show you have dipped out of beta waves {the normal waking state} into alpha {the hypnogogic state}.

And with practice, you’ll even learn to drop into deeper states of theta {dreaming} and delta {deep sleep} — while retaining a trace of awareness. 

Why is that such a big deal?


Because it means you can actually work with your unconscious mind… instead of being ruled by it all the time.


There are two main ways yoga nidra can change your life by allowing you to work directly with your unconscious mind:

  1. Releasing deep, unconscious tension — which frees up a ton of energy. {Imagine if all that self sabotage were to evaporate… How much energy would you suddenly free up to use however you want?}
  2. Planting intentions you truly want to manifest. When your unconscious is working toward your heart’s desire, that resistance that you feel toward the resolutions you make disappears. {Imagine if all parts of you were on board healthy eating. How much easier would that be??}

In this workshop, you’ll get…

An understanding of the science behind yoga nidra + the unconscious, plus yoga secrets for setting effective intentions.

Some gentle asana {yoga postures} to prepare your body + mind for deep relaxation.

A highly restorative, 45-ish minute guided yoga nidra practice that melts away stress on the deepest levels.

A recording of the whole workshop, plus an mp3 — so you can keep practicing and getting more benefits.

“Each time I take one of Lauren’s classes, I finish feeling elevated and joyful.”

Briana Winter


“[After working with Lauren] I started to notice so many changes in my body, mind and overall health. My energy level has increased — even though I have reduced my overall caffeine intake. I feel stronger as a whole being. I have learned techniques through Lauren that I can do with 5 minutes of my day (even at work). I am a calmer, happier person and have really started to feel the benefits of relaxing my mind. Lauren’s technique and guidance have allowed me to reach levels of presence within myself that I didn’t know existed.”

Nancy Abraham

Corporate IT Executive

“Every time I practice with [Lauren], I take away a nugget of yoga knowledge that I  tuck into my tool belt for the future. Her love of the practice, passion for teaching + appreciation for her students shine through every part of her being. What can seem complicated to many students is made accessible by her succinct cueing and explanations.”

Nancy Goldman

Yoga Teacher Trainee


Yoga Nidra LIVE Online Workshop

Monday, 1/1/18

10am – 12 noon CST

in your living room 🙂

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