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You're ready to feel confident, clear-minded + AWESOME in your body. Here's how I can help you get there.

Online Yoga Progam

Join Yoga Through Lauren Online FREE for two weeks.

You’ll get access to curated yoga videos — ranging from 5-10 minutes to an hour, plus live help from me each week and more.

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Private Yoga

Individual attention and personally designed practices to help you meet your goals. Available in-person in the Austin area and via Skype. Only a few slots open each week.


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Corporate Wellness + Teambuilding

Imagine a corporate wellness or team-building workshop that employees request over and over again.

I certainly teach corporate yoga, but in my experience not everyone in an organization is usually down for that.

So I combine focus-building aspects of yoga… with team-building improv games (my other profession)… to create one incredible workshop that lowers stress, improves productivity, frees creativity and elevates group mind.

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“[After working privately with Lauren] I started to notice so many changes in my body, mind and overall health. My energy level has increased. I feel stronger as a whole being.”

Nancy Abraham

Corporate IT

“[YogaPlay] FAR EXCEEDED my expectations. I had no idea I would have so much fun, laugh so hard and learn so many juicy tidbits for daily life while doing so. Several gems were revolutionary.”

Janet Reinarz