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“I had taken a total of 2 group yoga classes prior to meeting Lauren. I never understood the connection and didn’t “get” yoga.  I am primarily a Type A personality who has mastered the art of juggling a full-time career in high tech with striving to be the best mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, mentor, neighbor… usually that meant putting myself at the bottom of the list. Yet I was yearning for something inside.

[After working with Lauren] I started to notice so many changes in my body, mind and overall health. My energy level has increased — even though I have reduced my overall caffeine intake. I feel stronger as a whole being. I have learned techniques through Lauren that I can do with 5 minutes of my day (even at work). I am a calmer, happier person and have really started to feel the benefits of relaxing my mind. Lauren’s technique and guidance have allowed me to reach levels of presence within myself that I didn’t know existed.Nancy Abraham

Corporate Executive

“Lauren creates fun, interesting classes that always strike the right balance between relaxing and energetic.”

Jill Hemphill

Corporate Attorney

“Lauren is very intuitive, easy to understand, gentle and challenging all at the same time.”

Sarah Engelke

Musician + Actor

“Prior to taking this class, I had a regular yoga and meditation practice, both of which were helpful but a little… stale. I felt a low-grade crankiness and lethargy — and not fully lit up with what I was doing. Now, my ability to trust life has been deeply strengthened. My ‘daily’ meditation practice has become daily, not just when I can fit it in. And I am more fully releasing some fundamental anxiety about needing to “do” my life right, and the chronic exhaustion which accompanies that.

I leave each class feeling expanded, creative, capable and joyful. I have had so much fun in this class, and it spilled over into my relationship and friendships, too. I’m really taking myself and life much less seriously, and getting new ideas and lots more done because of that.

Lauren is a vibrant soul and her enthusiasm is infectious. Her feedback is uplifting, useful and supportive. She was prepared, clear, present, flowing… Every class has held something special.

Dana Wyss

Massage Therapist

“Before starting my training [with Lauren], I was in a yoga rut. I had not practiced yoga regularly in forever and couldn’t get motivated. My main goal for starting this class was to learn advanced poses so I could get motivated again … and stay out of my head. We covered all of the intentions I had set for this class, [and] I got a lot more than I expected.

Lauren was able to hear me. (People listen, but don’t always hear you.) She heard me physically – meaning she was observant and worked with my body and how it moves. She utilized what comes easy for me and modified for what’s less accessible physically. And she also heard me internally. She listened to where I was coming from, my struggles and obstacles. She allowed my need to verbally process. She also didn’t preach … Lauren is very intuitive and picked up on my analytical way of thinking and viewing things, and held our sessions in a way that I was most receptive to.

Hanah L.

Human Resources

“I always feel amazing after our sessions.”

Marc Baizman

IT Director

“No one else comes close in terms of variety, instruction, intuition and tranquility.”

Trey J.

“[Lauren] vastly improved my personal yoga practice!”

Nancy Schoenbucher

“I have had the pleasure of working beside Lauren as students together, as a student in her class and as colleagues — co-teaching retreats together. In every facet of my experience with her she has been honest, kind and incredibly articulate and thoughtful with her words — whether it be teaching a class, offering advice or just delivering her unwittingly (and sometimes very wittingly) charming humor. Her capacity for truly listening to others inspires deep trust, evidenced by her clear practice of listening deeply to herself. She truly walks the talk. It is clear that Lauren is here to serve the hearts of all that come across her path… a rare and beautiful gem.”

Meaghan Minogue

Yoga Teacher

I have had a yoga practice for several years now, [and] this course FAR EXCEEDED my expectations. I had no idea I would have so much fun, laugh so hard and learn so many juicy tidbits for daily life while doing so. I hear messages from the class in my head at odd times, and I still think about the exercises we did and what they brought up for me. Several gems were revolutionary, [like] the deep listening piece… feeling my own energetics and where things are in my body.”

Janet Reinarz


“Each time I take one of Lauren’s classes, I finish feeling elevated and joyful.”

Briana Winter


“Best yoga instructor I’ve found in years.”

Amy C.

“I had become pretty worn down from work and sleep apnea, and had heard about “being present” for a very long time. It’s a tricky thing that easily gets lost amidst the demands of life — more of an art form (and a bit of mystery). But as I implement what Lauren teaches, I notice life becoming richer. Things I may have shied away from, in the past, I find myself stepping into. There is a transformation taking place.

Lauren is so sincere, clear and dedicated to what she teaches. She is extremely articulate in explaining very deep and complex concepts — and in conveying the essence of deceptively simple concepts. The combination of those things creates a rich foundation for learning… akin to having good soil in the garden, with so much more potential for what can ‘spring forth’ in that fertile ground. I’m so glad I took this class!”

Laurie Moses

“Every time I practice with [Lauren], I take away a nugget of yoga knowledge that I  tuck into my tool belt for the future. Her love of the practice, passion for teaching + appreciation for her students shine through every part of her being. What can seem complicated to many students is made accessible by her succinct cueing and explanations. If I can be half the teacher she is, I will feel complete and quite successful in my teaching journey. [Lauren is] such an inspiration to me.”

Nancy Goldman

Yoga Teacher Trainee

“I woke up expecting another stressful day but after leaving [my private session with Lauren], I felt a sense of peace/clarity that stayed with me the remainder of the day. I realized I had already written off this week to just be a crappy one that was going to have to be “gotten through,” but that totally shifted today … Thank you!”

Claire G.

“I work on being present A LOT. Doing yoga asana, pranayama (on and off the mat), and tuning into and getting fascinated with sensory information (my go-to for being present). It’s fairly effective, but … Lauren helped me understand being present with even more dimensionality and depth. The workshop was excellent. Lauren was very well organized … a potent experience for everyone. Thank you so much for an awesome experience! I truly had a blast.”

Tracey Silverman

Yoga Teacher

“I so enjoyed [this workshop]. Lauren’s ability to incorporate the tenets of yoga and improv made so much sense to me. It was one of the best yoga sessions I have had in a year.”

Leyla Cohlmia

“My favourite yoga teacher EVER: Lauren Zinn. She is very passionate and loves what she does.”

Jessica Coll

Nutritionist + Lactation Consultant

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