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About Yoga Through Lauren


I teach yoga.


That looks like teaching people to make impressive shapes with their bodies.

These shapes lengthen + strengthen muscles.

Done properly, they are excellent for toning up flabbiness and releasing painful tension.

But really what I do is help you strengthen the focus muscle in your mind.


Ultimately, yoga is a tool for the mind. And the body is one of the tools we use to help reign the mind in and start to master it.

The only way to learn yoga: experience.


You cannot read a book to understand yoga. It has to be practiced. It has to be lived.

To get there, you need to learn yoga through a teacher who already has years of experience. And that teacher’s experience — of yoga and of life — is a filter.

When you learn yoga through the right filter — through the right teacher — it lands on you. It makes sense to you. You get results.





500+ 'Teacher Training' Hours

After my initial training at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica in 2007, I studied vinyasa, prenatal, pranayama + meditation extensively with different teachers. In 2012, I met Yogarupa Rod Stryker, and continue my advanced studies with him.

3,000+ Classes Taught

I’ve been teaching since early 2007, in New York, Mexico, Costa Rica + Austin {where I’m currently based}. In that time, I’ve taught dozens of regular private clients — mainly busy professionals and creatives who found more productivity + joy in their careers + relationships through yoga.

Beyond Yoga...

I teach + perform improv {and teach a creativity-freeing yoga/improv hybrid called YogaPlay}. In past lives I’ve also been a writer, editor + film major — and I use all these skillz to help my students through blogs + videos. {Sign up here for the free goods!}

lauren lolasana editedBefore I took my first yoga class back in 2003…


I could not touch my toes. Not even close.

My posture was atrocious. It was more comfortable to slouch than to sit up.

I lived in New York City and excelled at what I considered to be my dream job.

I was a proud perfectionist.

I was hard on myself. Really hard. {But that got me results!}

I was having panic attacks regularly.

I had recently started recovering from disordered eating.

I typically needed a glass of wine or an episode of 24 {am I dating myself?} to turn my thoughts off.

I didn’t get very restful sleep.

I felt frustrated creatively — a lot of self-judgment and resistance.


When I took my first class…


I was shocked at how hard it was, physically. The movements seemed simple enough: fold forward, step back to a high lunge, stretch your arms up.

But I couldn’t believe how bad my balance was. How hard it was to breathe {despite countless reminders from the teacher}. How my muscles kept shaking involuntarily.

Plus, I thought the chanting was kinda weird. And that the teacher was making a bit much of the breathing stuff.

Still, there was no denying it: After a couple of classes, it was clear that this yoga thing was a game-changer. But I wasn’t sure I wanted my game changed yet. So I went only sporadically for a few months.

Then I started to understand this:


The point of yoga is not to be flexible; the point is to wake up inside your body again.


I started to let yoga train my mind to become present — rather than letting my unsatisfiable mind tyrannize my body to get the physical appearance + ability it wanted.

In other words, the pursuit of a flat tummy + impressive ability brought me to yoga…


But I didn’t start to find real results until I figured out how to use yoga to become more present.

That’s exactly what I teach people how to do: become present.


That’s pretty hoodily-doodily sounding, isn’t it? How in the world do you “practice presence”? Well, you need tools. Tangible ones.

And that is where the tension in your hamstrings or your old tennis injury or your poor core strength come in handy: We are going to use them to train the focus muscle in your mind.


In other words, I am going to Miyagi you.


Just like Daniel built a fence and painted the house and sanded the floor, it may look like we’re working with just building physical yoga poses.

But the way we do it will teach your mind to be present.

It will help alleviate your anxiety.

And free your natural playfulness + creativity.

Oh, and it’ll get you those physical results you’re craving a lot more efficiently in a lot less time.


It’s how you practice yoga that matters for getting the results you want…

But it requires some commitment on your part.



  • ongoing study with master teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker
  • interdisciplinary yoga {200 hours} | Nosara Yoga Institute
  • prenatal yoga | Janice Clarfield
  • anusara prenatal yoga | Sue Elkind
  • partner yoga | Elisabeth Williamson
  • pranayama + meditation | Chase Boussart
  • vinyasa yoga | Seane Corn
  • yoga for anxiety + depression | Amy Weintraub
  • core strength vinyasa | Sadie Nardini

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“Lauren is very intuitive and picked up on my analytical way of thinking and viewing things, and held our sessions in a way that I was most receptive to.”

Hanah L.