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Hey! I’m Lauren.

I help busy moms create a practice to get

the energy to do it all… and the clarity to choose not to.

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“I had taken a total of 2 group yoga classes prior to meeting Lauren. I never understood the connection and didn’t ‘get’ yoga. I am primarily a Type A personality who has mastered the art of juggling a full-time career in high tech with striving to be the best mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, mentor, neighbor… usually that meant putting myself at the bottom of the list. Yet I was yearning for something inside.

[After working with Lauren] I started to notice so many changes in my body, mind and overall health. My energy level has increased — even though I have reduced my overall caffeine intake. I feel stronger as a whole being.

I have learned techniques through Lauren that I can do with 5 minutes of my day (even at work). I am a calmer, happier person and have really started to feel the benefits of relaxing my mind. Lauren’s technique and guidance have allowed me to reach levels of presence within myself that I didn’t know existed.”

Nancy Abraham

“I had become pretty worn down from work and sleep apnea ...but as I implement what Lauren teaches, I notice life becoming richer. Things I may have shied away from, in the past, I find myself stepping into. There is a transformation taking place.

Lauren is so sincere, clear and dedicated to what she teaches. She is extremely articulate in explaining very deep and complex concepts — and in conveying the essence of deceptively simple ones."

Laurie Moses